The Mission

Mindfully is a company founded with the mission to end the stigma associated with mental health and the socialization of it. By creating a brand that embodies the idea of owning your own relationship with mental health and socializing it through the clothing we wear, we will be able to create an extensive network of peers, advocates, leaders, and supporters of one another. Allowing for an open dialogue around mental health will drive the change to harness and embrace our true selves.

The goal of this movement is something rather astronomical, that being the change of culture as a whole. We know that it is not something that happens overnight, but rather something that occurs one person at a time. The brand, Mindfully, is the driving force for the institution and implementation of change, starting within our adolescent generations. What has lacked for these generations is the education, advocacy, and awareness of mental health and people's relationships to it. Mindfully uses the backend of our brand identity to create an educational network for younger kids to have access to mental health education from a young age.