Mindfulness for Children

Mindfully has adapted the Mindfulness-based Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program (MBTLC) for children ages 5 through 17. Classes for children use the MBTLC curriculum, other resources, and original material.

Children’s classes range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the age group. Over the span of a series of classes, children will learn:

  • What is mindfulness
  • About mindfulness and the brain
  • How to calm down using the breath
  • How to slow down and notice without reacting
  • How to develop a mindfulness practice of their own

Classes include:

  • Opening movement or centering meditation
  • Teacher discussion about mindfulness topic
  • Experiential practice such as a guided mindfulness meditation, yoga, a mindfulness craft, or a game.
  • Class or group discussion
  • Closing meditation

Mindfully classes for children are fun and energetic! Part of each class is dedicated to stillness and quiet, but other segments encourage jumping, moving, and being creative. Children adapt to mindfulness with amazing ease and are naturally curious about how mindfulness practice can help them in their daily life.