Mindfulness Coaching

Personalized, one-on-one instruction and guidance to develop a daily mindfulness practice for

  • stress reduction
  • improved attentional stability
  • improved emotional regulation (reduced reactivity)
  • improved ability to process difficult emotions
  • improved ability to cope with chronic pain and illness
  • learning skills to increase mental and emotional resiliency
  • learning self-compassion and loving kindness
  • and, ultimately, to live a more mindful life

Mindfulness coaching is appropriate for children and adults who are looking for support

  • during life changes
  • in addition to treatment for anxiety or depression
  • to develop or deepen a mindfulness meditation practice
  • to address negative thinking and rumination
  • to learn skills to cope with recurring difficult emotions
  • to learn skills to cope with difficult relationships
  • to learn how to use focused attention to grow the good in one’s life

 Applications specifically for children ages 12-17 include

  • learning skills for increasing calm and focus related to school and social situations
  • improving emotional regulation
  • improving attentional stability

Younger children benefit from practicing with a parent. Coaching for parents who want to learn mindfulness practices to share with children ages 5-11 includes

  • practical approaches to incorporating mindfulness into family life
  • mindfulness for parenting challenges
  • creating an atmosphere at home to encourage calm and focus


Book a Coaching Session

What you need to know:

  • Each coaching session is an hour long.
  • Rates are per person, per hour.
  • If the session is for a child, a parent or guardian is welcome to sit in without an additional charge, and/or the child and I will discuss what we learned and practiced with the parent after the session.
  • If more than one person in your family would like to participate, I offer family sessions.

1-hour session $75

Two 1-hour sessions for one person $125 (can be combined for up to 4 separate sessions)

Family Session for two $125

Family Session for four $150 ($10 each for additional member after 4)

Payment types accepted are PayPal, Cash, or Check

To begin, complete this form. I’ll respond within 24 hours to plan you session.