Mindfulness for Adults


Mindfully classes for adults are taught using the Mindfulness-based Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program (MBTLC) curriculum in addition to other resources and original materials.

MBTLC is a secular, research-based program developed by physicians in a clinical environment that has been proven through documented studies to reduce stress and improve overall health and wellness.

Mindfully classes include discussion, experiential practice, and a supportive group environment.

Classes range from one to two hours and include:

  • Centering meditation
  • Teacher discussion about mindfulness topic
  • Yoga
  • Experiential practice such as a guided mindfulness meditation
  • Class or group discussion
  • Experiential practice and/or journal writing
  • Closing meditation

The Mindfully class environment is inclusive, open, and fluid. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to make the work their own though noticing and discernment. Discussion and experiential practices vary from class-to-class, and over the course of 8-12 weeks will cover the MBTLC five domains of health. The opening centering and closing mediation remain consistent. Yoga practice is gentle and designed for students of all abilities. For example, all postures can be done in a chair if needed. The class includes materials such as handouts and program cards designed to support students in their practice at home.