Slow Down

20190110_165610As we enter 2019, I’m moved to slow down and do less, which is totally counter to the cultural push around the New Year. Thing is, we’re more productive and ultimately more successful when we slow down and focus on one thing at a time. What happens for me is that I notice I’m rushing or trying to do multiple things at once and that I’m concurrently feeling scattered and stressed. This is when I know I need to dial it back using the following strategies:

Let something go undone.If I’m juggling too many things or have a to-do list that’s too long, I allow myself to let something of little significance go. Maybe it’s a chore that can wait, a phone call that can be made later, or a project that is low priority.

Delegate and/or ask for help. Assign chores and tasks to family members or consider hiring help at home. Let those close to you know that you’re choosing to slow down and do less, and ask for their support.

Act with intention. If you notice that you’re becoming scattered with multi-tasking, choose one thing to do intentionally until you come back to center.

Literally slow down.Put both feet on the floor and take a few centering breaths. Choose to move more slowly and more mindfully through your next task or activity. Notice how you feel in your body. Focus your attention on something in the present moment. For me right now, it’s the sound of the keyboard, the hush of the heater, and the afternoon light filtering in through my office window.

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